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They have slightly less AP but are much cheaper to repair and much less hassle. for self, Inflicts 45 Pain Damage per 3 sec. Using this combo will auto change you to awakening and use Skull Crusher. How to recover sailors quest I made the chowder, used it on my sailors but the guy I'm supposed to turn it in to does not show that option,therefore the quest cannot be completed. for selfCritical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. Optional crystals: Boots: Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine/Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine Gloves: JIN Magic Crystal – Viper/Black Magic Crystal – SturdinessClick image below to enlarge. Kzarka Gaunlet Kzarka is the main weapon you will be using. Stalking Wolf will teleport you to your target which is useful for chasing down low HP enemies since you don’t have that much mobility, but if someone is expecting you to chase them then you can easily be stunned. It takes a long time to get to this stage, and there are lots of small improvements and other accessories you will use along the way, but this is ideally your softcap build for PVP. You can also swap out both of the Black Magic Crystal – Precision for Crystal of Elkarr (best in slot) instead but these are very costly and harder to obtain. I Terms and Conditions I Privacy Policy I Manage Cookie Settings I About Us. The Kutum dagger can also be modified using an Inverted Hearth of Garmoth to give extra stats (Max HP +150, Max Stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion Rate +10%).Nouver Vambrace Nouver is currently considered the best in slot choice for PVP until you reach very high AP brackets. If you are unable to get boss armor, then the Akum set is a good cheap alternative that will be good for both PVP and PV. You then want to swap to a DUO Serap’s or PRI Ogre/Tungrad.The Manos Necklaces are also an alternative for PvP, if you don’t have a DUO Seraps already, due to their item effects. Double Flash requires Flash Step III from your pre-awakening and the skill must be maxed out. For example, [Q] + [LMB] means you tap Q and LMB at the same time. I would not recommend starting with this build, and only trying it out yourself when your other gear is at a high enhance (at least softcap). This skill makes you invinsible while using the skill and is one of your main iframes. Weight Limit +60 LTDamage Reduction 4Accuracy 2, Weight Limit +10 LTDamage Reduction 1Accuracy 2, Black Magic Crystal – Precision x2(weapon), Critical Hit Damge +10%, All AP +2, All Damage Reduction -2, 2 set: Critical Hit Damage +2%, Hoom 4 set – 8 Accuracy, 7% Resistance, 420 HP, 10 Damage Reduction, 8 Evasion, Max HP +150, Weight Limit +20 LT, All Damage Reduction +3, JIN Black Magic Crystal – Viper x2(gloves), Attack Speed +1, Casting Speed +1, Accuracy 20, Magic Crystal of Infinity – Precision x2(weapon), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical x2(sub-weapon), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Agility x2(helmet), Magical Crystal of Infity – Evasion x2 (chest), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Assault x2(gloves), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness x2 (shoes), I highly recommend using BDOPLANNER.COM to help you plan your build and track your progression. It is also not as viable anymore due to the CC limit, but can be useful in some situations. These are absorbed automatically when you use a skill and will enhance the skill. Table of Contents. Flow: Crosswind[SPACE] when using Spiral Cannon. This build is good for large scale PVP but not recommended for PVE unless against low evasion mobs or mobs you are much higher level than. For more information on this click here to view our World Bosses guide. This is a non-awakening PVP grab combo to CC and damage your enemy. When you are 261 (using Nouver) it is actually better to use Nouver in PVE as well because of the bonus AP given in the AP brackets. for selfAll Accuracy +3% for 12 sec. It has invincible when moving backwards but the iframe is just not long enough and the rest of the animation will leave you vulnerable. 6-Piece Set Bonus: Attack +10Accuracy 2Hidden Evasion 1, Accuracy 1 (alternating)DP 1 (alternating). for target[Level 56] Spiral CannonAll Defense +10 for 10 sec. This skill is the flow skill from Spiral Cannon and will make you jump backwards. for selfAll Accuracy +5% for 12 sec. When you are 261 (using Nouver) it is actually better to use Nouver in PVE as well because of the bonus AP given in the AP brackets. The entire skill revolves around catching, training, and breeding horses, and it ends up being a whole lot of fun.It can be active or AFK, and there’s money to be had in it, albeit not as much as other skills would offer. Begin by getting level 4 in your main hand for the extra 4 AP. You may want to lock your 100% rage for this skill because the 100% rage version can potentially mess up your combo. After many tests, it is confirmed that Nouver performs better than Kutum in these brackets. It is a good selection, especially for PvP orientated players and also offers a small amount of evasion and damage reduction. However, this skill has a slow animation and its extending skills have no protection. It isn’t mandatory and you should leave it at level 1 until you have the rest of your skill build first (including awakening). Michael Figueroa - £10 Massive Supression[E], This skill is your grab from non-awakening. Urugon’s Shoes (shoes) – dropped from Urugon (Gaifinrasia Raid Captain Scroll). Below are some example builds to help you decide what is best for you.Leveling build: linkHere is what to aim for when leveling and before you get your boss gear. Offin Tett weapons are usually not worth investing in because of the loss in accuracy. for self. for target[Level 56] Fist FuryCritical Hit Rate +10% for 9 sec. Another advantage of using this set is that it is viable on any class, allowing you to swap to another class easily.Full Heve set is also a very popular choice and what I recommend for new players because it has an easier transition to boss gear whilst. Double FlashProcceding Skill: [Flash Step III]. This is because only 30% of your Awakening AP is applied to the damage of Succession skills, as well as the additional item stats, such as Human/Species Damage and Accuracy.Succession is considered better in general for PVE at end game. for selfInflicts 54 Pain Damge per 3 sec. ; 1.4 Q: What are failstacks In Black Desert? PEN Tuvala gear is equal to having TET boss gear. Copy. However, in order for you to start seeing massive yields per hour, you’re going to need some bigger mastery numbers. Below are some example builds to help you decide what is best for you. for selfInflicts 50 Burn Damge per 3 sec. Gathering items yourself is much faster than using workers and some items such as crude stone, … For your food rotation in node wars/siege, I would recommend using Knight Combat Rations, Kamaslyvia Special, Valencia Special and then King of Jungle Hamburger in that order. for self[Level 54] Knee HammerPVP Attack +10 for 5 sec. 30% of your Awakening AP is applied to the damage of Succession skills, as well as the additional item stats, such as Human/Species Damage and Accuracy. Liverto GaunletLiverto is the fourth strongest mainhand and much easier to obtain and enhance than Kzarka. When processing a specific item, it takes between six to nine seconds for one batch to complete. It really depends on your preference. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found here,,,, Caphras’ Record Adventure Log Guide – Books 1 – 4, Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide, Tips to improve your silver per hour when grinding, Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich x1, Coconut Pasta x1, Fig Pie x1 , Fruit Wine x2, Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt x1, Max HP +150, Max Stamina 200, Back Attack Damage +5% for 110 minutes, Teff Bread x4, Pickled Vegetables x2, Lion Meat x4, Nutmeg x3, Short range mobility which is useful during PVP and PVE, Adaptable to different Siege/Node war roles, 2nd grab skill (unprotected but still useful), Slow/clunky animations, easy to predict movement, Lack of long range mobility making it hard to keep up with other classes. for 12 sec. It can’t be enhanced but it is a good alternative until you can get Ring of Crescent Guardian or Mark of Shadow to PRI/DUO.The current best in slot, is a Tungrad Ring.The Capotia Ring is also worth mentioning. You may want to use Red Coral Earrings or Witch’s Earrings instead but they can be quite expensive compared to the rest of the gear. Crouching Wolf is an important skill and you should make sure that you also take the Flow: Prey Hunt as well. The skill can be used on cooldown but forward guard is not used if the skill is on cooldown, so I recommend putting this skill on your UI as a skill cooldown slot so you can keep track of it easier. Bite Off is a great skill that can be used with Rampaging Predator. Basic of Mass Processing and How It Works With Mastery. The skill has super armor on it when it is used. This skill will give you 3 dashes of Flash Step instead of just 1, which is a lot more mobility. Hold [SPACE] while using Crouching Wolf or Sprial Cannon. This skill is very useful in PVP and has forward guard on it as well as a floating CC effect. Click image below to enlargeEnd-game build [FULL AP]: linkHere is what to eventually aim for. Loggia Life Mastery Gear is the green grade gear that improves Life Mastery and often provides other Life Skill buffs. You want to aim for a PRI/DUO Tree Spirit Belt before swapping to DUO Basilisk’s because it is much cheaper and easier to get hold of. It is one of your best skills for damage in awakening and also has a great Movement Speed debuff for your enemy and also gives you an Attack Speed buff and Accuracy Rate buff. This skill has low damage and no protection so it is simply useless in both PVE and PVP. Every rank you get beyond beginner one gives you five mastery points up until you hit Guru 20. Once you reach over 261 AP (with Kutum) it is better to switch back to Kutum for PVE. (HOLD SHIFT) + [W] OR [S]. Otherwise use Bares Belt for 2 AP and swap to Tree Spirit Belt as soon as possible for more AP and high accuracy. It also heals you for 300 HP and has forward guard. 1.1 Q: Okay so how do I enchant items? The class discords are a great place to start, most have their own guides and resources as well as plenty of skilled players willing to help with questions. After Guru 20 you get 10 mastery per level. Lee Strebel - £10 More information about AP and DP brackers can be found hereYou may also want to consider starting to put Caphras stones into your gear for bonus stats to help you get to the next AP bracket. You should really adapt the guide and follow your own instincts to match your play-style! If you do already have liverto and have already invested into it, you will want to upgrade it to PRI or higher as soon as possible. It is available at level 61+ only but is a very good ring because of it’s high AP. The skill has no protection and a very long animation so it is simply not useful for PVP and not worth putting points into. Make sure to put Caphras stones into your equipment for extra stats. The benefits are seen even at begginer levels of processing, helping to speed up processing time. PvE. I also highly recommend looking at as many different sources as possible and gathering as much information as you can about your class before deciding what is best for you and how you play. In addition, you may want to use Perfume of Courage (buff lost on death) and Tough Whale Tendon Elixirs. If you are late or lazy, you can use Exquisite Cron Meal. BDO/Black Desert Online Gear Guide 2020 Posted June 18, 2019 August 31, 2020 alext96 This guide will act to fill in the gaps of knowledge you may have and help you decide how you want to gear and the stepping stones to take to achieve said goals. It is particularly good against classes which stack a lot of AP. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found hereIt also has 2 crystal slots. If you equip Mastery gear while your Training level is high, then your Training efficiency will be even better. (PERMAHOLD Q) means you hold Q throughout the combo. Try to also ultimate all your pieces as soon as possible, especially your armor because it will give quite a big DP boost.Click image below to enlargeLow-Tier build: linkHere is a low-tier build to use if you are looking to improve your gear before you get boss gear. BDO Gear Guide From Level 50-58; Accessories Guide BDO; BDO Black Desert Gear Guide For Beginners/Noobs 2020; BDO Gear Guide 2020; BDO Lifeskill Guides. So really you’re actually losing damage overall since you won’t be hitting the enemy as much (unless they are full DR). Otherwise use Bares rings for 2 AP and switch to Mark of Shadow as soon as possible for the 5 AP.Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch is also available through the Valencia part I and II quests. It is a good skill that will teleport you behind your target and also has 100% accuracy on your clone damage, which is insane damage when you go for a full AP build. I personally would not invest in a Liverto because it will just slow your progression. So really you’re actually losing damage overall since you won’t be hitting the enemy as much (unless they are full DR). for target[Level 58] Skull CrusherPVP Attack +10 for 5 sec. Skill calculator. Seremela - £14 Quick Slot, Martial Spirit is a passive which enables the use of Martial Spirit Shards. Striker Succession can be unlocked after level 56 after speaking to the Black Spirit and completing the Succession quest under the suggestions tab. Make sure you also make use of the gem slots to get your Attack Speed and Critical Hit up to 5.Another alternative is the Styd Gauntlet for leveling if you are having trouble obtaining a Rosar Guantlet. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found hereFor PVP, it really depends. Using this combo will quickly switch you from awakening to non-awakening, and also give you super armor. Crouching Wolf[SPACE] while using certain skills. I would recommend putting this skill on your hotbar so you can use it to instantly switch to nonawakening. Some players recommend locking this skill but it is completely up to you.Flow: Mass Destruction[RMB]. Kutum Vambrace This offhand gives a mixture of AP and DP with added monster damage and accuracy. It has a DP -10 debuff on it, floating CC and recovers WP, but is simply too risky to use in PVP. for 15 sec. Wolf’s Fang (Optional)[S] + [LMB] + [RMB], This skill is completely optional. Muskan’s Shoes (shoes) alternative choice– dropped from Monastery Leader.The best in slot armor for Striker is Griffon’s Helmet, Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves and Urugon’s Shoes. Primary Weapons:Rosar Gauntlet The Rosar Gauntlet is what you should be aiming for to level your character. While your gathering mastery does increase as your gathering skill increases you really should start investing in some gathering gear. Manos gear is the best, but also extremely expensive to enhance. Backflow Gardbrace Backflow Gardbrace is a blue grade weapon which is given to you when you complete the awakening quests. It has super armor and healing on the skill. The gathering and crafting system in Black Desert is very complex. Below you will find how much Life Skill … You will want to aim to get the boots and gloves first. I would advise locking this skill to avoid potential conflicts with other skills. As soon as you get one boss item with Grunil, you lose the set bonuses which Grunil weaker. Some players really like this skill, but the problem with it is that if you are fighting a group of players, it randomly teleports you between them and can put you in vulnerable positions. Pre-Awakening skill build – Level 55 (583 skill points): you’ve just reached level 50 or you’re still leveling, use this build to put you in the right direction of what skills you should be using.Make sure you reset your skills at level 56 though because you will need skill points for your awakening skills and will only really need the support skills from pre-awakening. Set Effect: Accuracy +20Accuracy 4Damage Reduction 3, Knockdown/ Bound Resistance +30%Accuracy 4, Knockdown/ Bound Resistance +2%Accuracy 4, Knockback/ Floating Resistance +30%Accuracy 4, Knockback/ Floating Resistance +2%Accuracy 4. Aim to buy a +15 if you can to save your enhancing resources. This skill is your 100% Black Spirit Rage skill. Once your gathering skill is higher you can use better tools which let you gather faster.Some materials on this list, such as wood and plants, can be gathered by workers. Blackstar is considered the current best in slot mainhand weapon with higher base AP than Kzarka. The skill is also your 25% Black Spirit Rage skill, which adds a knockdown CC and extra damage. Knee Hammer also has a stiffness CC, which is the reason this skill is used. These are the skills I recommend locking to help prevent messing up combos during PVP:Evasion, Taeback Kick, Flow: Tornado Kick, Somersault, Flow: Bombardment.To lock a skill, press the lock icon on the top of each skill icon in the skill window (K). There is better blue (Geranoa) and orange grade (Manos) Life Mastery gear, but Loggia’s is … In the mean time you should be using one of the following armor sets: The build you choose completely depends on your playstyle and what role you want to play in PVP. ; 1.2 Q: What happens if I fail an enchant? Black Desert Database. Ideally you will want to buy or make it ultimate (yellow) to close the AP difference as well. I personally wouldn’t bother with them though because you will want as much AP as possible. Flow: Mass Destruction has super armor and no collision on it’s short range evade which is really useful for getting behind your target to stun them. The following skill combos are basic combos/cancels and some additional tips/tricks for your class. For your accessories, you should prioritize Centaurus Belt, Bensho Necklace, Manos Earrings, and finally Cadry Rings last.This build is full defense and perfect for defending your team. Nouver is currently considered the best in slot choice for PVP until you reach very high AP brackets. Ideally you will want to buy or make it ultimate (yellow) as well.The Vambrace of Sealed Magical Power is freely obtainable from Black Spirit quests as well and a weaker version of Leather Vambrace. However, the Dragon Slayer weapons cannot be placed on the marketplace and must be crafted by the player themselves. This makes power l… for selfInflicts 42 Bleeding Damage per 3 sec. You can still use [F] afterwards to cast Flow: Skull Hammer. Processing Mastery became part of BDO in a Life Mastery patch on 9-4-2019. This makes is hard to obtain and it can be more expensive to repair. Horse Training Gear & Training Exp . Here is a low-tier build to use if you are looking to improve your gear before you get boss gear. There are a lot of choices available when it comes to accessories and it really depends on what you can get your hands on. The precise workings of the mastery system are, however, beyond this BDO gathering guide. I personally would not invest in a Liverto because it will just slow your progression. This is your awakening grab and your 2nd grab skill. Once you reach 261 AP with Nouver, you will want to stop using Kutum for PVE however, until you reach 265 AP with Kutum. for 15 sec. Enhancing Mastery Gear. You will also receive a +10 Iron Chain Gardbrace when you complete your awakening quests. This is your auto attack in awakening. Sailing Mastery system was added. Eminent’s BDO Horse Training Guide. It also gives a 30% movment speed buff for 10 seconds and is a must have skill. Weaker against melee damage classes with high mobility, burst and crowd control. This website is not affiliated with Kakao Games or Pearl Abyss. There is better blue (Geranoa) and orange grade (Manos) Life Mastery gear, but Loggia’s is much cheaper and is also the easiest to enhance. Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor (chest) – dropped from Dim Tree Spirit. It’s also much cheaper to enhance and repair max durability than the other options so if you don’t have a lot of money or participate in a lot of PvP, then this weapon is a good alternative until you get Dandelion. You want to aim to get TRI as soon as possible and then work on your accessories. Usually these are not required for node wars. This skill is simply not used in PVE or PVP because of its lackluster damage. Then you will want to move on to putting level 2 into each armor piece before getting them all up to level 4 as well. Mastery is calculated at the time of the gather as well (tested), so it's feasible to use a mixed set of DP/Crit gear and kill 3-4 wolves, then swap to your Mastery clothes via Morco's Gearbag and then harvest with the extra mastery on. It has a stiffness and stun effect on hit. You can cancel it by holding [RMB] but it’s totally up to your preference and how you play. Rage Hammer is your 200% Black Spirit Rage skill and a good skill for PVE especially when leveling to 56. Dragon Slayer Gardbrace Dragon Slayer weapons are very comparable to the Dandelion weapons with their stats. You can turn your camera as you use the skill to change the direction you will jump in. Andromeda - £5 This skill is your 100% Black Spirit Rage skill which adds extra damage to the skill. Using this combo will auto change you to awakening and use Internal Destruction. The skill doesn’t have any protection however, so you should use it wisely when the target is already CC’d. The full set will give you Maximum MP/WP/SP +100, Maximum HP +200, Max Stamina +200, Attack Speed +1, Casting Speed +1, Movement Speed +1 and All Resistances 5%. This combo will cast Adamantine backwards whilst also keeping Forward Guard.Required skills: Massive Suppression, Roaring Tiger, Spiral Cannon, [E] > [LMB] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [E]. This will give you a totally seperate skill tree that enhances your main hand skills and only has a few awakening skills. Blackstar is considered best for PVE at endgame but eventually a PEN Kzarka will outscale. Srulk Sailor's Clothes. allows you to swap between your main hand and awakening weapon. #BlackDesert #BlackDesertOnline #BDO If you enjoyed watching this video or found it helpful, please give it a like! Bheg’s Gloves (gloves) – dropped from Bheg. ; 1.5 Q: How does Quality work? It must be crafted using items in Star’s End and then following a questline. Putting more levels into Massive Supression will make your grab last longer, but it has very little damage and can sometimes give your enemy a chance to use potion and heal if you are on your own. It offers various bonuses and is also the only food which will give you an skill points experience buff. You can also combo this skill easily with other skills such as Hidden Claw and Flow: Savage Fang, just by holding [SHIFT] + [LMB]. BDO Nexus / Wiki / Training Mastery System; Training Mastery System. The liverto has slightly more AP than Rosar, but it also has a Critical Hit Rate +3 item effect. BDO Gear Guides. There is a Cooking Mastery System in BDO like for any other life skill. Post-Awakening skill build – Level 56 (420 skill points): skill build – Level 58 (623 skill points): skill build – Level 60 (1017 skill points): skill build – Level 60 (1678 skill points): prioritize Awakening skills before leveling your Absolute Skills.Succession skill build – Level 56 (586 skill points): High-Tier skill build – Level 60 (1185 skill points): End-Game skill build – Level 60 (1946 skill points):, This skill is automatically skilled into when you level up and is your auto attack.Martial Spirit It will give you a high amount of Evasion and a small amount of Damage Reduction and AP as well. Unless you want to go for Full Evasion/Damage Reduction, then this is the offhand you should use. Save your build! Giath’s Helmet (helmet) alternative choice – dropped from Giath. If you are new it may be worth checking if it is currently an upgrade, but eventually you will need Leather Vambrace anyway. for selfInflicts 45 Pain Damage per 3 sec. This skill is definately worth taking and is a must have skill. Welcome back all. for target[Level 52] Rage HammerAll Defense +15 for 10 sec. It’s a good skill for chaining combos and the HP recovery can be used at any time without needing a target. Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. (Some parts of this guide, such as succession skill descriptions are skill under development and will be coming at a later date, you can easily find this information in-game). I recommend experimenting with your add-ons and figuring out what is best for you, because it really depends on your personal preference and how you play your class. Basilisk’s Belt and Valtarra are very good belts but Tungrade is currently the best in slot. For example, [Q] + [LMB] > [F] means you tap Q and LMB at the same time, then tap F. [LMB] refers to left-clicking with your mouse, [RMB] refers to right-clicking with your mouse. Legendary fish can be caught in specific locations in both the freshwater and sea. for target, Inflicts 42 Bleeding Damage per 3 sec. This skill is a high damage skill that is useful in PVE but can sometimes mess up your combo in PVP if you hold F for too long on Skull Crusher and Flow: Skull Hammer. Dmitry Slovogorodsky - £5. for selfAttack Speed +4% for 5 sec. I would also recommend putting the skill on your hotbar so you can use it to instantly switch to awakening and use the skill. It has the same AP as Liverto but more accuracy and an Attack Speed +3 item effect.Offin Tett’s Radiant GauntletOffin Tett weapons are usually not worth investing in because of the loss in accuracy. I think the easiest and cheapest way to do this is to simply gather, who would have thought. It has decent damage and a stun on good hits as well as forward guard. T1Gaming - £30 for 9 sec. The skill gives you an Attack Speed buff (+10%) for 10 seconds and a greater buff if you have 30 Martial Spirit Shards (+20%). The skill deals quite a bit more damage than Iron Fist Fury so it’s really up to you if you want damage or defense. 24/12/2017 – posted the first version of the guide, 07/05/2019 – general update for current meta, new skill builds, example builds, skill add-ons, combos, crystals, 16/05/2019 – Added Dragon Slayer weapon and updated armor info, 13/06/2020 – added Succession information, added blackstar weapons, updated accessories, updated game builds and crystals. In my opinion, Training is the single most complicated Life Skill in the game. Necklace:If available I recommend using the Asula’s Crimon Eye Necklace (Asula Set) if you are new to the game, this gives you 11 AP and 3 DP as well as damage reduction and an amazing set bonus. At level 56, Striker unlocks their awakening weapon which is a Gardbrace and can summon clones of the Striker to deal damage alongside him. At this point I guarantee that virtually all the high value recipes will actually lose you money to craft unless you have high enough mastery to pump out the extra procs. You should use your awakening buff just before you engage in PVP, or as often as possible when grinding for the attack speed bonus. Use any Awakening skill (except Ferocious Assault) + (Quickslot: Flow: Mass Destruction), Required skills: Massive Suppression, Crimson Fang, Flow: Death Strike, Echo Spirit, Spiral Cannon, Skull Crusher, Rampaging Predator, Endless Explosion, [E] > [SHIFT] + [RMB] >[RMB]> [SHIFT] + [Q] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > (Quickslot: Skull Crusher) > [W] + [F] > [SHIFT] + [RMB]. The skill also has Super Armor and the add-ons for this skill are also really good, especially the 20% critical add-on because you then have a 70% total chance of crit with this skill. The skill also has low damage and is simply not needed because Striker can easily rotate Super Armor with other skills so Forward Guard is a risky skill to use in comparison against some classes. You may want to use Red Coral Earrings or Witch’s Earrings instead but they can be quite expensive compared to the rest of the gear.Click image below to enlargeMid-tier build: linkHere is a mid-tier build to use once you have boss gear. Always prioritize Awakening skills before leveling your Absolute Skills. BDO Nexus / Wiki / Cooking Mastery system; Cooking Mastery system. The offhand gives pure AP and an all resistance +10% item effect and can be modified using an Inverted Hearth of Garmoth to give extra stats (Max HP +150, Max Stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion Rate +10%). I would recommend getting it to TRI at most and then you really want to switch to Kzarka. Next boss (na) Settings Sound: Added in patch Items Quests. BDO Planner - gear calculator. [SHIFT] + [F]. New Blue grade Mastery lifeskill equipment and items have been added. Keys in round brackets () mean that you hold the key. This skill has a small HP regeneration and you can use Endless Fight after it as well. Strikers are strong against most magic classes and glass cannons because of their high magic resist and burst damage. The skill does has invinciblility but only while you are teleporting and not when you are attacking, meaning that if someone times their skills well, you are left completely defenseless. You want to try to make sure you have a minimum of 300 accuracy when using Nouver. It has much higher AP but it is only obtainable from a Dandelion Weapon Box (Karanda world boss loot) or from the night vendor. for 15 sec. Keys separated by a “+” symbol should be used at the same time. Keys separated by a “>” symbol show the order you should follow out the steps. Critical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. ; 1.6 Gearing Up In BDO/Black Desert Online; 1.7 Q: Can i get a TL;DR? It makes a perfect backup for enhancing and is essentially a free TRI Tungrad Earring.

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