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Jan 2020 – Present 9 months. 16 Dec 2019 . The network of more than 40 Bird Club/branches and affiliates provides a great resource, which allows BLSA to achieve much more than it could through its dedicated staff alone. # ConservationConversations : in tonight’s webinar, Duncan Butchart will share how to make a real contribution to conservation by creating niches for a wide variety of creatures in your own garden - and enjoy the diversity of … If you have any queries please email The links can be found under the relevant talk’s banner and clicked to join the Zoom room before 19:00 every Tuesday. Are you a looking for a holiday destination or sleep-over spot which caters to your birding needs? We are therefore excited to introduce our new webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa’ to all of you! Melissa is a passionate conservationist, who has made it her mission to communicate the incredible conservation work and exciting environmental successes that have been achieved throughout South Africa and the world. Announced Register for these live webinars Bird of the Year 2020 Learn More IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Together we can impact the future for Africa’s people and nature. It is an important mouthpiece for BirdLife South Africa to create awareness about bird research and conservation work. 2017; Flock on the West Coast 2018; The Kruger Bird & Wildlife Challenge ; Contact us; 16-20 November 2020. BirdLife South Africa. A must for any bird and nature enthusiast…. Unfortunately, these birds are threatened by an unlikely but voracious predator: the house mouse. Tours like South Africa – Cape Wildflowers, Birding & Big Game or South Africa – Birds, Wine & Big Game, are about a lot more than just the birds. Because of its remarkable diversity of habitats, South Africa hosts about … If you have any questions please email Jun 5, 2018. Please like and comment on the live stream and we will share your questions with the speaker. Order copies of Lee Gutteridge’s Tracks and Signs books below by clicking on the cover of the book you would like to purchase. MARK: So BirdLife South Africa has been around for a really long time, since 1905 in fact, initially as the South African Ornithologist Union and it became the Southern African Ornithological Society in the 30s and then BirdLife South Africa in 1996. As a membership benefit, you will receive six 6 issues of BirdLife South Africa’s magazine, African Birdlife, 12 e-newsletters, a membership card and bumper sticker and, very importantly, you will contribute to the conservation of our country’s birds and their habitats. Since the turn of the 20th century we’ve lost 99% of the entire African Penguin population, which is attributed to the decline of fish, oil spills, loss of habitat and imbalanced ecosystems. PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATION FOR THE WEBINAR DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCESS TO THE ZOOM ROOM WHICH IS CAPPED AT 500 VIEWERS. Of course, we see many birds on these tours including regional specialties and endemics, but the focus is broader and the pace more relaxed. Marion Island is a South African territory in the south Atlantic, home to several threatened seabird species, including nearly half of the world’s Wandering Albatrosses. 16 November 2020. BirdLife South Africa. It is free to use. Youth conservation project: Vukukhanye development. Protect yourself and others by staying at home. BirdLife South Africa: Simon Gear, Policy and Advocacy Manager, tel: 011 789 1122, email: . 189 were here. Landscape Conservation Programme Manager BirdLife South Africa. BirdLife South Africa is a firm believer that conservation needs to start with conversation. Parks 26(1): 7-24.—COVID19-and-protected-and-conserved-areas,,Report%20Finds%20Economic%20Benefits%20Of%20Protecting%2030%25%20Of%20Planet’s%20Land,The%20Costs%205%2Dto%2D1&text=%22Protecting%20nature%20halts%20biodiversity%20loss,the%20chance%20of%20future%20pandemics.&text=%22This%20report%20unequivocally%20tells%20us,for%20planet%E2%80%94is%20now.%22. If you have been following the Albatross Task Force this week you will have had the opportunity to join us for # AlbatrossStories and the incredible power of photography in educating and raising awareness of these magnificent birds. 0. The first of BirdLife's new Green Recovery Webinar Series convened high-profile speakers for a daring discussion on the future of our planet. PLEASE WATCH LIVE ON THE BIRDLIFE SOUTH AFRICA FACEBOOK PAGE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ACCESS THE ZOOM ROOM. A coalition of eight community and civil society organisations, that is resisting Atha-Africa Ventures’ proposed coal mine inside a Protected Area and Strategic Water Source Area in Mpumalanga, have launched new legal proceedings in the Mbombela High Court. Until recently, the mice have only been predating on seabird chicks, but in 2017 the first predation on an adult Northern Giant Petrel was observed. The webinar showed how these new Guidelines both streamline the requirements for specialists and also makes it very clear how future studies need to be undertaken. “If these Tuluvers were not feeding on these carcasses, it could otherwise lead to the spread of diseases such as anthrax, botulism and rabies, at significant human and economic cost,” explains Anderson. # ConservationConversations: Conserving the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail - join Dr Hanneline Smit-Robinson, Robin Colyn and Dr Kyle Lloyd as they showcase the conservation journey of the BirdLife South Africa White-winged Flufftail Project. 189 were here. Click the button below to go to our podcast channel. Every Tuesday night at 19h00, you are invited to join us via Zoom for Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa. Talks will be simultaneously lived streamed through BirdLife South Africa’s Facebook page if you are unable to access the Zoom room. Where we work . 0. Host of Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa - weekly webinar series BirdLife South Africa. CEO speech on International Day of Biodiversity: ‘the realisation ’ News 21 May 2020. Where we work. VACANCY: BirdLife South Africa is looking to recruit a new Raptor & ... Large Terrestrial Bird Project Manager into the Landscape Conservation Programme. Johannesburg . Melissa looks forward to hosting you in the next webinar and wishes you happy birding wherever in the world you find yourself. We will … BirdLife South Africa's weekly webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa’ hosted Dr Melissa Howes-Whitecross. Our episodes are now available in podcast format if you would prefer to listen to them. African Birdlife is a bi-monthly magazine and includes well-written articles and stunning photographs of our continent’s birds. Top 5 achievements. This guideline has been produced for the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries by the South African National Biodiversity Institute and BirdLife South Africa, and was drafted by Enviro-Insights. Johannesburg . Education. Wits Bird Club) website. If you have registered for the previous webinar, you will already have received the link and will no longer need to register during 2020. BirdLife South Africa Tax Incentive Used. Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa. Registration Number 001-298 NPO | Public Organisation No 930 004 518 | © 2018 BirdLife South Africa. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the relevant link and password that will allow you to join the presentation. There are many benefits to be gained from joining a bird club, such as access to birding outings, fascinating nature-based talks and building new friendships with like-minded nature lovers. Further reading on this topic can be found in these references: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Packed to the brim with birding travel, photography and conservation. News Protecting Mpumalanga’s water sources area from coal mining.,,,,,,,, Download fun Spring Alive activities for your young conservationists. We are therefore excited to introduce our new webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa’ to all of you! Monitoring was largely conducted according to standard procedures outlined in BirdLife South Africa and the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Best Practice Guidelines for assessing and monitoring the impact of wind-energy facilities on birds in southern Africa (Best Practice Guidelines). BirdLife South Africa's main goal is the conservation of South Africa's birds and their habitats. BirdLife International Campaign for the right to a healthy planet. After seven years, the CEPF … We also have the expert assistance of two scientific advisors, Professors Peter Ryan and Andrew McKechnie. BirdLife South Africa is a firm believer that conservation needs to start with conversation. You can access the universal registration form to join the Zoom webinars by clicking the button below. Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Latest News. Please note: From 12 May BirdLife South Africa will be using a standard webinar link for all of our talks and this will no longer require you to register. To support this work, please visit the dedicated website. Get in touch with [email protected] to run your own streaming and collection pages [email protected] to run your own streaming and collection pages Wits Bird Club. Wits Bird Club) website. Landscape Conservation Programme Manager BirdLife South Africa. BirdLife South Africa's Fiscal Benefits Project has successfully included the very first biodiversity tax incentive for Nature Reserves in an annual tax return. BirdLife South Africa, formerly the South African Ornithological Society, is the South African national partner organisation of BirdLife International. Please have a look at the WEBINAR page for details. Jun 5, 2018. It has a membership of 5 000, many of whom belong to more than 32 affiliated bird clubs. The Witwatersrand Bird Club is the oldest bird club in South Africa having been established in 1947 and is a club which prides itself in supporting numerous local, national and international birding conservation initiatives and searching for, and enjoying the local birds of the region. Menu. The webinar is …,’National%20nature%20service’%20needed%20for%20green,recovery%20in%20England%2C%20groups%20say&text=%E2%80%9CA%20new%20national%20nature%20service,in%20the%20letter%20to%20Sunak. Zoom rooms will open 15 minutes before each talk is set to start. There is a limit of 100 participants for these presentations so please be sure to log in early and ensure your spot during the live presentation. We are therefore excited to introduce our new webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa’ to all of you! Starting on 14 April 2020 at 19:00 (CAT), these weekly webinars hosted through Zoom will hopefully bring some entertainment and education to your household as we embrace the new virtual reality that we all find ourselves in thanks to the restrictions brought on by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Home; Who we are. Read about how you can get involved. Yes, with Trip advisor, Birdlife South Africa, St.Lucia Wetland Park Authority, South African Tourism and Kwazulu Natal Tourism. The world’s largest mass slaughter of vultures is unfolding in the West African country of Guinea-Bissau, where more than 2000 Critically Endangered Hooded Vultures have been deliberately poisoned since February 2020. Registration Number 001-298 NPO | Public Organisation No 930 004 518 | © 2018 BirdLife South Africa. You can search for an article by its title, the author’s name, a subject or a species’ name. BirdLife South Africa’s Dr Hanneline Smit-Robinson (Head of Conservation), Robin Colyn (Science & Innovation Programme Manager) and Dr Kyle Lloyd (Rockjumper Fellow of White-winged Flufftail Conservation) present a fascinating webinar on the conservation of the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail. Flock At Sea Again! About; History; Structure; Vacancies; Frequently Asked Questions; BirdLife National Trust; Isdell House; Gill Memorial Medal Award; Austin Roberts Memorial Medal Award; Meet the Team; What we do. Watch this space for BirdLife South Africa’s upcoming events. Jacana Media, in partnership with BirdLife South Africa, are hosting a webinar on 30 September at 7pm featuring Prof Turner and some of the local guides who contributed to the project and book. BirdLife South Africa has recently published the first State of South Africa’s Birds Report, the first of its kind for the region…, BirdLife South Africa’s very own world-class magazine. Saving Nibela Peninsula floodplain project. Jan 2020 – Present 9 months. Hockings et al. Melissa joined BirdLife South Africa as an intern in 2017 after completing her PhD in savanna ecology at the University of the Witwatersrand. University of the Witwatersrand Doctor of Philosophy - PhD. The Southern Ground-Hornbill is a charismatic and well-loved African bird species and is the 2020 Bird of the Year in South Africa. Read more about our Programmes in Africa. University of the Witwatersrand Doctor of Philosophy - PhD. To register for the webinar, click on the link: BirdLife South Africa's weekly webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa’ hosted Dr Melissa Howes-Whitecross. If you have not yet downloaded the Zoom application for your computer please click here. Mabola Protected Environment: Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, BirdLife South Africa, Mining and Environmental Justice Community Network of South Africa, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Bench Marks Foundation, groundWork, Federation for a Sustainable Environment and the Association for Water and Rural Development v Minister of Mineral Resources, Atha-Africa Ventures (Pty) Ltd and others SEABIRD CONSERVATION PROGRAMME. Please email Shireen at for more information. Litigation. Support us. Regional Conservation Programme. (2-June-20 at 19:00), Mark McNulty & Tony Johnstone - Birdies, Eagles & Albatrosses (one for the golf enthusiasts) (26-May-20 at 19:00), Dr Hanneline Smit-Robinson - Giving Conservation Wings at BirdLife South Africa (19-May-20 at 19:00), Duncan McKenzie - Kruger's birds: a virtual tour (12-May-20 at 19:00), Dr Melissa Howes-Whitecross & Dr Lucy Kemp - Bird of the Year 2020: Southern Ground Hornbill (5-May-20 at 19:00), Samantha Ralston-Paton - Myths and misconceptions about wind energy and its impacts on birds (28-Apr-20 at 19:00), Christina Hagen - New horizons for African Penguins: creating new colonies (21-Apr-20 at 19:00), Kristi Garland - Spring Alive (17-Apr-20 at 14:00), Mark Anderson - BirdLife at work: conserving the world's birds (14-Apr-20 at 19:00), Listen to previous episodes via the Conservation Conversations Podcast, Order a copy of Lee Gutteridge's Bird Tracks and Signs of Southern Africa, Contact Lee Gutteridge (Nature Guide Training), Contact Kersey Lawrence (Original Wisdom). By clicking the invitation link which will have been sent to you after you register for the talk, you will be able to access the presentation via Zoom.

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