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Our precast concrete stairs are inexpensive when compared to a stair cast in situ due to the efficiencies within a controlled factory environment. We have been around for so long because of our unwavering attention to detail and a focus on personal service. Precast concrete is a form of concrete that is prepared, cast and cured off-site, usually in a controlled factory environment, using reusable moulds. These units as are pre-engineered, their capacities or the limits are communicated with the purchaser to produce the desired unit. Jetfloor; Hollowcore Floors; Beam and Block Floors; Retaining Walls; Box Culverts; Omnia Bridge Deck; Stairs and Landings; Bespoke Precast; Chimneys, roofing & flue systems. Parts of flights and landings are made in one piece. Advantages of Precast Concrete. With all the advantages of using precast concrete, it’s no wonder the civilized world can depend on the inherent quality, value and permanence of precast concrete. The manufacturing of the modules can be planned as the work progresses. Precast concrete : Main advantages and disadvantages August 28, 2017, 2:32 am 1 Comment The construction of precast concrete building is one of the many good options in the construction market. Durability: Precast Concrete structure has a longer service time period and minimal maintenance. Jump to: Advantages of Precast Concrete Construction | Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Construction 1.1 Introduction Precast concrete is a form of construction, where concrete is cast in a reusable mould or “form” which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. Apart from quality and precision, the manpower requirements are reduced tremendously., the manpower requirements are reduced tremendously. Thus, the structure will only be mounted with the aid of a crane. Precast staircases To speed up site production, stair flights can be of precast instead of cast in-situ concrete Precasting stairs produces better surface finishes, avoids the inherent problems of casting complicated inclined sections on site and provides rapid access to successive floors. The reason for this difference is that the precast versions are molded at a factory in large quantities, which reduces labor costs. Know more details, advantages & disadvantages about it. Ronan graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Construction Studies. It is not necessary to provide joints in the precast construction. 5 Benefits of Concrete Stairs That Will Surprise You 1. 5. Products: 75no Precast Stairs and Wideslab Flooring. Precast concrete construction has become very popular in some countries like the USA, UK etc. Apart from quality and precision, the manpower requirements are reduced tremendously. High quality is due to managed situations within the manufacturing unit. Not only is it durable and versatile, it’s easy on the environment and can significantly reduce construction time. Ready-made precast stairs ready in the factory and bring to the exact place for installation directly they on the site. It has many advantages over the cast-in-situ concrete method for construction. They are fast construction on the site. High-Quality Products. As it is made in a highly controlled, regulated environment, precast products can be made at a consistently high quality, not affected by external factors such as weather. Precast Concrete Stairs Hilltown, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland. Need just lower maintenance precast concrete stair & riser system wood or steel & installs. including steel framed structures or tied directly into your concrete floors using projecting reinforcement Advantages Of Precast Concrete: 1. Using a flexible steel formwork system in a controlled offsite factory environment enables our precast stairs to be made accurately and to a high quality. With over 100 different size configurations, you will find the right precast concrete steps and stairs here at Shea. One significant advantage of precast concrete stairs is... 2. On the other hand, precast concrete stairs are far less labor-intensive, resulting in a more affordable product. Precast concrete piles compact the soil. More the number of identical units, the lesser is the amount of work in manufacturing the units. Because they are pre-built, they can be moved in and installed quickly, which drastically cuts down on … Tweet. The average cost of precast concrete steps is about half to a third of the price of poured-in-place. Advantages of Prefabricated Concrete Stairs 1. Watch our timelapse video to see our manufacturing experts complete the process from start to finish. - All precast components are manufactured off-site in an enclosed casting environment, avoiding delays due to inclement weather conditions. A wide range of shapes and sizes are available to choose from with smooth finishing and thus the aesthetical value of products are increased. Unlike solid concrete steps, precast concrete steps are hollow, lighter and less prone Advantages. Taking advantage of precast’s initial plasticity can economically create these shapes, adding considerable aesthetic appeal to a project. 2. Precast concrete buildings are often more durable. Uniformity is generally the standard in this case. Advantages Of Precast Concrete. To arrange a tour, please, The Rise Of The Architecturally-Savvy Interior Designer, The Role of the Staircase in Architecture, The importance of Social Sustainability in Construction. Bored precast concrete piles have advantage over the driven precast concrete piles, in following locations and situations, Where the vibrations and noise caused by the driving of piles are to be avoided. Precast concrete provides manufacturers with the ability to produce a wide range of engineered earth retaining systems. One of the precast concrete advantages lies in its fireproof attributes. Requires less on-site duration for erection. 2. Precast concrete steps also eliminate the huge disadvantage of concrete-step-making which is waiting for concrete to harden, and limiting construction when it rains. This property will be brand new or have undergone a complete redevelopment with a high-specification renovation, it will be well-located with good access and be professionally managed. our concrete design is quicker to install than steel or wooden staircases, saving you both time and money on your project. For a building that requires large For more information on our range of concrete products contact our team at, Don’t forget to connect with Flood Precast on LinkedIn. Advantages With Using Precast Concrete Wall First, let’s briefly Precast concrete staircases can be used as soon as they are installed - they provide an immediate working platform. There are many advantages with the use of precast stairs, over in-situ stairs. We offer tours of our manufacturing facility in Essex and welcome anyone to visit. Aesthetics: As the structures are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, several combinations of colours and textures can be used. Precast concrete is such an example, but like any sort of concrete, it brings different traits to the table. Our design and manufacturing facility can cater for a large variety of staircase configurations as all orders are made on custom built moulds to clients requirements. Any components you use are created in a factory using the same molds repeatedly. Precast Concrete Stairs Specialists At Pink Precast, we specialize in the fabrication of precast concrete stairs for a variety of applications and building types. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on all the latest news from Flood Precast. Precast concrete elements can be joined to other elements to form a complete structure. The actual erection of the buildings on site is executed in a much shorter space of time compared to in-situ constructions. There is greater control over material quality and workmanship in a precast plant compared to a construction site. Precast concrete foundation construction is an off-site construction technique in which the foundation units are pre-engineered and manufactured in a controlled environment. Precast & Rail Company has always provided the best quality precast concrete steps to Joliet businesses and homeowners for over 20 years. By producing precast concrete in a controlled environment (precast plant), the precast concrete is provides the opportunity to properly cure and be closely monitored by plant employees.

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