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Spotted gum is also susceptible to borers. It has also been introduced in Western Australian and South Australia. But with a client who was genuine and passionate about applying these design principles we could implement them at all levels and in all details. In view of the small size of existing remnants, the Pittwater spotted gum forest is likely to become extinct. At Colonial Warehouse we source a specific red cedar from the Toonah family, which is of the same high quality Australian red cedar. Spotted gum is one of the best-known Australian hardwood timbers, which has traditionally been used in flooring and general construction. For paint, we highly recommend that our products are finished in oil based paints, in order to properly protect the timber. The design offers a rich combination of color and visual texture suitable for the hospitality, healthcare, retail, and builder markets. Sustainability . Mathews Timber have been buying and supplying timber throughout Australia and the world since 1959. September 2016 To avoid a striped "paling-fence" effect, Quarter-cut may be best specified as Slip-matched. August 2017 Spotted Gum It is moderately coarse with an uneven texture and wavy grain, resulting in an attractive fiddleback figure. Spotted Gum: 3X389001 is part of the NATURAL CREATIONS XL LVT line from Armstrong Flooring - Commercial. The colour varies widely between pale straw to chocolate brown, sometimes having an olive green or red tinge. Additional sustainability targets for this building are a 5 Star NABERS Energy rating (Excellent performance) and a 4 star NABERS Water rating. Timber has longed been used for its natural beauty, warmth and touch. ... heights, lengths, durability, hardness & sustainability. We recommend and use Cabot’s exterior varnish, in either satin or clear. The walls were made sound-proof before being covered with the same spotted gum battens to beautify the interiors and withstand future use. May 2019 Certifying over 24 million hectares of forest within Australia, Responsible Wood offers certification on uniquely Australian timber species such as Spotted Gum and Blackbutt. Spotted Gum makes great timber! March 2018 The world’s rainforests need to be protected for the planet’s health and for future generations to enjoy. Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores of Pittwater are spotted gum forest, which is an endangered ecological community. We use this timber across our range of window sills and joinery that require bush fire rating. A brush of varnish will bring out the beautiful colours, varying from brown to red. Check out our full range of products via the products tab or contact us here and one our friendly staff will assist you with your queries. Quick Step ReadyFlor is Australia’s best selling pre … The NSW variety is a little browner and lighter on average. SPOTTED GUM Light brown through to deep red brown, sapwood is white to light brown. Place-Based Relationships Environmental Features Natural Shapes and Forms Natural Patterns and Processes. Where the seeds are found and how they're spread: Back to 'Supermodels' of state forests. Cedar also has its own built-in preservatives, making it naturally resistant to termites, borers, rot and fungus growth. Also available in Roasted Hardwood and Recycle Flooring. Please contact us for a free quote. Spotted Gum Decking : A Touch of Sustainable Class For The Outdoors. Aspecta® is proud of its sustainability heritage which is exemplified by our LEED and Green Globes certified buildings. Close up of spotted gum timber boards Spotted Gum Timber Boards are a nice dense timber, perfect for decks, very hard wearing. © 2018 Colonial Warehouse. With the astonishing durability and waterproof^ properties of Godfrey Hirst hybrid flooring, Apollo Hardwood is ideal for all areas of a busy home. Spotted gum, more commonly known as eucalyptus, is native to Australia and is known for its elegant straight grain. This makes it a great choice for timber joinery for the harsh Australian climate. It is light in weight and has the severe tendency to cup and warp. Jon and Marg Hauser planted 25 hectares of bluegum, yellow stringybark and spotted gum 15 years ago on their property between Loch and Wonthaggi in Sth Gippsland. The timber was finished with a natural oil, made from the Tung tree, which reduced the external pollutants. August 2016, All Spotted gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal timber for a variety of structural, exterior and interior applications. Spotted gum offers a wide variety of colours, and as a species provides high levels of natural variation. Spotted Gum is an extremely adaptable and naturally strong timber which makes it ideally suited to numerous applications. You can enjoy the rich colour and beautiful grain by simply adding a stain, or you can paint the products to suit your design. It ticks all boxes for us: Primarily, it does the job and lasts through the seasons. Spotted Gum. We combined this natural detailing with a contemporary coloration that features a blend of grays, blues and browns. Ranging from deep red-brown hues to blonde tones, the unique wavy grain of Spotted gum makes it an attractive option for designers. Looking for this design in rigid core? eco-cert Spotted Gum PEFC ™ Cut: Quarter-cut Crown-cut may also be available. June 2017 For grade and colour variation features, see our Timber Variation guide here October 2017 Foyer Reception Desk: 140 metres of painted American white oak paneling. It assists builders reduce harm to the environment, not add to it. Spotted Gum is an Australian hardwood with wide colour variation and excellent hardness. Colonial Warehouse also uses Australian spotted gum, grown in Northern NSW and QLD. Moderately coarse with uneven texture with some wavy grain with a slightly greasy feel Applications: Joinery - Cabinetry - Furniture - Decking - Cladding - Structural 252 Gnangara Rd, Landsdale, WA 6065 P 08 6558 1266 E SPOTTED GUM. To create a unique and distinctive take on Spotted Gum, a popular Australian wood, our design team combined the clean-lined look of the wood in its natural form with an array of fresh, sophisticated gray tones, creating a chic, eye-catching floor for your next commercial project. He comes from a long line of timber workers who have been involved with the industry for nearly a century.Here in this blog, he and his sister Jacqui Berthaume share valuable, rare insights and tips on working with and understanding timber. About Quick Step ReadyFlor. The timbers that we use are selected for their beauty and for their properties that make them perfect for withstanding the harsh conditions of the Australian climate. The building is clad in recycled spotted gum, with the intention of it 'silvering' over time. We use this timber across our range of window sills and joinery that require bush fire rating. February 2020 The building is clad in recycled spotted gum with the intention of silvering off over time. Outdoor areas are often neglected areas of home and working spaces. Red cedar has a fine and stable grain structure, which minimises shrinkage, swelling, warping and twisting. Biophilic Elements . Spotted Gum, despite its strength and density is a great timber to work with as it has a good level of natural oils which allow easy machining. For … Back to Woodwork - select information. Limited Stock Available Spotted gum has a tough, fine grain resistant to warping, making it perfect for tool handles and flooring. All rights reserved | Designed by, Our commitment to sustainability and the environment. As for laminated bows, you’ll find a lot of timbers are either too brittle or too greasy, so they will either snap or … Not only visually impressive, spotted gum is extremely hardy. It is resistant to treatment with preservatives as it does not absorb them well. All our spotted gum is harvested sustainably with the NSW and QLD Forestry Departments. We are also constantly creating new and innovative ways to reduce the waste of scrap timber, engineering it into ‘green products’ and smaller joinery items. This timber is native to rainforests throughout South-East Asia, has a very low durability rate and is not recommended for external joinery use in Australia. January 2017 Comprising of homegrown wood species Blackbutt and Spotted Gum in a stunning longboard, Apollo Hardwood promises a distinctly Australian look. Brendan Donchi, timber supplier and joiner has been working with recycled timber for 24 years. Always ask your supplier what species of timber they are using and if in doubt, please check the Forestry Website. ArmourCab is a new generation of engineered Australian decorative wood panelling for cabinetry and joinery. Biophilic Patterns . Hardwoods commonly get harder over time, and thus more resistant to termites, however depending on long term treatment, moisture content, age, and condition, the timber can become more vulnerable. Spotted gum is an Australian Standard bush fire rated timber. March 2017 All timber used in Colonial Warehouse products are purchased from purpose-grown plantations or government managed forests with programs in place for replanting trees. The common name “spotted gum” is used for four different highly durable and dense Corymbias (spotted gum was previously classified as a eucalypt, until it was changed in the mid-1990’s) that grow along the east coast of Australia, but more commonly refers to the species, Corymbia Maculata. Spotted Gum is very unique and probably the second most popular Australian timber. Spotted gum is not recommended for installation over heated sub-floors. It may contain some fine surface cracks. The durable, long lasting nature of this timber has made it highly sought after for exterior joinery. In 2017 Jon decided it was time to thin the spotted gum and yellow stringybark. View specs & download a sample. Spotted Gum is considered a naturally termite resistant timber species. February 2017 Colonial Warehouse products are delivered raw, so they can be finished in your colour and style. Overlay Flooring is available in sizes from 83-180 wide & 14mm thick in varying timber species Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Spotted Gum and Grey Ironbark.

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